Frequently Asked Questions

Frozen Beverage Machine Rentals

​Tropical Freeze

1. How do I know if I should rent a single tank or a double tank machine?

  • If you are expecting more than thirty guests at your event, we recommend renting the double unit.​

2. Aside from the machine itself, what is included in the rental?​

  • Delivery up to 25 miles
  • Set-up (we will also mix everything for you)
  • Flavor concentrate for your first 2½ gallon batch in each tank
  • Machine pick-up and cleaning/sanitizing

3. What additional supplies will I need to purchase for my event?

  • Two gallons of bottled drinking water per each 2½ gallon batch.  Bottled water ensures a tasty beverage and the containers are useful for storing extra mix in a refrigerator or cooler during the party.  Please purchase gallon size bottles.
  • One 1.75L bottle of alcohol (if you are serving alcoholic beverages) per each 2½ gallon batch.  We do not have a liquor license.  We cannot provide alcohol for you.
  • Cups – We recommend Styrofoam cups... keeps the drinks frozen longer, and keeps your guests’ hands comfortable.
  • Straws – The neon colored ones will add a nice “tropical” flare to your party or you can get fancy and find “themed” straws at a party supply store.

4. How many “batches” will I need for my event?

  • This is a difficult question to answer because it varies with every party.  Each 2½ gallon batch is 320 ounces.  The number of drinks each batch will yield depends on the size of the cups you plan to use.
  • Each batch will yield:​   40 8 oz. drinks OR 32 10 oz. drinks OR 20 16 oz. drinks
  • The number of people each batch will serve depends also on how many drinks each person consumes. Younger people tend to drink a little more than an older crowd.  Women tend to drink frozen drinks a little more than men.

5. What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash.
  • We accept checks made payable to Tropical Freeze.  When paying with a check, be prepared to provide valid identification.  A $35 fee will be charged for any NSF checks.

6. Is a deposit required to rent a machine?

  • A deposit of $75 is required only for rentals booked more than one month in advance.
  • Due to extremely high demand, we also require a $75 deposit for all rentals in the month of May.
  • Deposits are 100% refundable if the rental is canceled at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • The full amount of the deposit will be applied to payment upon delivery of the machine.
  • $50 of the deposit will be refunded if the rental is canceled between one and two weeks prior to the event.
  • No deposits will be refunded if the rental is canceled within seven days of the event.
  • When sending a deposit, write “FAQ #6” in the memo of your check to indicate acknowledgment of the deposit policy.

7. Can I have the machine set up outside on my patio?

  • While our machines are designed for inside use, we can set up the machine outside at your request. However, we cannot guarantee the performance of the machine if it is set up outside.

8. What kind of alcohol should I purchase?

  • It is up to you of course.  Most daiquiris will require rum and most people choose to buy Bacardi because it is the most popular brand.  This will meet most anyone's needs when rum is required.  When it comes to tequila (for margaritas), we recommend using a 100% agave tequila.  It just tastes better than other "blended" tequilas.  There are many brands and some are quite expensive.  If you are a member of Costco or Sam's Club, we recommend buying the store brand at either of these.  Their tequila is very affordable and surprisingly good.  If you do not shop at Costco or Sam's, Camarena is another very good 100% agave tequila which isn't too expensive.